Marwan Sultan wrote:


Well, I did what im doing since 7 years on desktops! just inserted the cd, startedup the laptop and asked for installation, then the normal procedures, you know? partitioning..etc.. when the installation done, i removed the cd and restarted, but the laptop freeze..on a black screen, blank, nothing..

Do i have to do any speciall thing during installation,
will you help please?
I dunt know what loader u ment, just the default one?

I wish to run freebsd on my laptop as well its on my desktop since years.

'Laptop' is a generic term.

Some laptops are built with hardware that is supported by the distribution that you are attempting to install, and some laptops are not supported by the distribution that you are attempting to install... or maybe, if you have a weird laptop, nothing will run on it except Windows XP.<g>

The same is true for desktop machines, but with laptops, it is *much* more difficult (or impossible) to swap in hardware that is compatible with the distribution you are attempting to install.

Did you do some Googling, to see if your specific laptop is compatible?


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