You may watch to the net/mpd4.

This is multifunctional server, that can handle various connection:
PPPoE, PPTP and other. You can build radius-server also for managing
user accounts or use plain text file for that.

2006/7/25, Marwan Sultan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hello everyone,

  Well, because really i didnot get an answer from the list regarding
  release internet access based on time+auth.

  SO I thought of the VPN connection,
  i'm on fbsd 6.1R acting as internet gateway, i dunt want the users to
randmly share the internet
  Is it possible (and how to)  create a vpn connection thats
  the user need to use to authnticate to the gateway server by a valid

  then the server will allow this user to have the internet,
  is it possible?
  the handbook scenario is for two networks sides,

  Is it possible between a user and the gateway server?

  Please your answers is highly appreciated.


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