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>       Is there a way of using sox (or another translator) to turn HUGE
>       audio mp3 files into much much smaller files?  Say taking man mp3
>       files that are stored at 198k high fidelity and outputting these to
>       16k or 32k mp3 (or *.ogg or other format) audio files?
>       thanks for any insights, sugggestions, or pointers,
>       gary

I wrote this a while back.  You might find it useful or be able to update it 
to do what you need.

touch ${basedir}/mp3lock
# Convert all mp3 files in $basedir to $bitrate, $samplerate, $channels
# where $bitrate, $samplerate and $channels are derived from the pathname.
# $basedir - "top" of the tree to convert. Below $basedir should be two
#            directories named "todo" and "done".
#            Below "todo" you must create directories named using this
#            convention:
#            @[EMAIL PROTECTED]@cc@ - where bb is the desired bitrate, ss is 
the desired
#                         samplerate and cc is the channels or mode.  The mode
#                         may be one of s, stereo, j, joint-stereo, m, mono,
#                         f, forced joint-stereo or d, duel channel.
#            The mp3 files will be stored  below "todo/@[EMAIL PROTECTED]@cc@" 
and will be
#            converted using the parameters extracted from the directory name 
#            then saved into an identical dir structure below "done".
#            Note:  Spaces in the filenames will be replaced with underscores.
#                   Spaces in directory names will remain as is
#            The original file will be deleted after it has been converted.
#            Comment out the rm "$filename" near the end to keep the original.
# $ffile  - just the filename (in case we need this at a future date)
# $destfile - full, modified, path to the "done" dir tree

find "$basedir"/todo -name "*.mp3" -type f |
while read filename
    destfile=`echo -n "$filename" | sed 's/\/todo\//\/done\//' | 
sed 's/ /_/g'`
# Check if dest. path exists, create if req.
    if [ ! -d "$fpath" ]
        mkdir -p "$fpath"
# Get conversion parameters from pathname
    bitrate=`echo $destfile | cut -f 2 -d @`
    samplerate=`echo $destfile | cut -f 3 -d @`
    channels=`echo $destfile | cut -f 4 -d @`
echo    nice -n 20 lame -h -b $bitrate --resample $samplerate -m 
$channels "$filename" "$destfile"
#    rm "$filename"
rm `echo ${basedir}/mp3lock`

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