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On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, dick hoogendijk wrote:

I have a 3-part disk:
(a) XP for games
(b) FreeBSD-6.1 (my main OS)
(c) FreeBSD-6.1 (a backup)

I want to replace the third partition with solaris 10, mainly for
studying this OS. I burned the DVD. Will it install solaris on this
third partition without trouble? Will I be able to continue to use the
FreeBSD bootloader or do I need to isntall sol's grub?

The documentation on SUN and solaris is huge. Many many pdf files..
Are there better ways then these pdf's? Good books on solaris 10?
Starting points on the net? I ask here because I know lot of you guys
here have also installed solaris 10 (at least I remember seeing it here)

Hope to get some advice and reading points. I have years of experience
with linux and FreeBSD and like to explore new (OS) challences.
I did something like that (WIN2k instead of XP) last year - no problem. You might feel better if you had some kind of bootloader disk at hand (something like GAG (my favourite), grub or whatever).

At that time I was very disappointed of solaris:
- very slow
- very old versions of software
Tell me if that has improved. I decided to test Debian instead, and am very satisfied with it.

I am not sure about installing Solaris into an existing partition. The new U2 of Solaris 10 uses grub though. But I find Solaris 10 much faster than FreeBSD for some things (java, threaded apps, etc). It has its quirks and I am sure that FreeBSD has its advantages (for me I use FreeBSD on most of my servers but have a few Solaris 10 based ones for java, ZFS, etc). I am not trying to get into a mud- slinging match -- both are good. But I wanted to mention that Solaris is a very mature OS. It is a hyrbid BSD/SVR4 system in terms of commands (I believe in ancietnt history SunOS was a VSD variant that switched to a SVR4 variant when it became Solaris). And FreeBSD has the upper hand in my estimation in terms of normal userland stuff like an updated tar and update apps in many cases (userland utils) so a lot of things you normally do will be frustrating at first until you learn that he command flags are different on Solaris than on FreeBSD.


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