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Yes, you'd think, but no. I got a $50 GeForce 6200 LE/256M card and it works,
as long as I use the proprietary driver. With the standard nv driver that
xorgconfig came up with, it was just as bad as the Radeon.

The nvidia config utility did not add extra lines to the config file,

It wouldn't, because it doesn't know what kind of monitor you have.

Take a look at the modline in this post to see what I'm talking about.
I don't remember what that all means, but that card should be able to
support that resolution.

Note: The monitor I'm using now, ViewSonic vx2025wm, shows completely
different behavior whether I use the VGA or DVI input; for example, MS
Widows simply would not recognize that it was capable of 1680x1050
until I got the DVI input to work. ( To get the DVI to work I had to
shut everything down, unplugged, for a few minutes and boot it all
back up wit the DVI cable, only, installed.)

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