On 06 Sep P.U.Kruppa wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> >I want to replace the third partition with solaris 10, mainly for
> >studying this OS.
> >Hope to get some advice and reading points. I have years of experience
> >with linux and FreeBSD and like to explore new (OS) challences.
> Just out of interest: Did you install Solaris in the meantime?
> ;-)

I did. After a good deal of reading. I wanted it to install on the first
disk. I had no spare one and as I understood it should be possible without
harm. The solaris fdisk partition had to be taken seriously. It needed a
"special treatement" to not interfere with existing partitions.
The ranish PM took care of the solaris disk geometry problems ;-)

The installation on the third fdisk partition went very well, I must say.
The system reckognised almost every peace of hardware and configured it
correctly. I had to get third party network card driver support, but that
was easy too. First impressions are very good. But the learning curve
starts now. For now I'm glad to be back in my fbsd OS. It feels so very
known ;-) And that of course is always a good feeling. But that will not
stop me from exploring the unknown solaris system ;-)

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