I seem to have lost the partition info of one of the harddisks.
Is there a backup copy of partition information stored
elsewhere in the disk?

The long story: -
Due to some hardware problem, one of the HDs stopped working.
(doesn't spin at all) After trying it on couple of machines,
I did manage to get it boot on one of the machine (may be the
way I kept the harddisk or whatever). However, when I tried
to ifconfig an interface (to move the data out), it decided
to bail out again and it didn't survive the second reboot.

Finally I ended up with a HDD where the disklabel shows
only one partition - 'c'. A boot with fixit disk shows
ad0s1 thru 4 (but it is supposed to have only one slice
and then couple of BSD partitions inside.

fsck on /dev/ad1s1 went OK, But that's only the root 
partition (I don't really care about that one). If possible,
fsck on /dev/ad1s2 thru 4 bailed out with problems reading
BLKS 16 thru 20. I would like to recover /usr/home.
Is there any chance?  I only need a couple of files recovered.

Any help is appreciated.

Hari Bhaskaran

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