Hari Bhaskaran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Is there any chance?  I only need a couple of files recovered.

Saving copies of the boot records and disklabels ain't a bad idea and
not hard to do.  Just something more to do...

Anyway.  Sounds like your MBR's partition table got messed up.  If
you were supposed to only have one slice, you might have some luck
just trying to redo it from memory or what's most likely.

Also sounds like your disklabel is bad, but maybe it's confused by the
partition table mess.  I'M NOT SURE, but you can probably try replacing
that too, if you think you can guess the partitioning.  I doubt if it
messes with anything but the disklabel (and maybe boot code -- see
disklabel manpage); just don't run "newfs", of course.  FIrst try
saving the disklabel (ASCII form) with "disklabel" command and maybe
a binary copy. (? 'dd if=/dev/hd0s1 of=/somefile count=1 skip=1' ?)
You probably can't do anything with the binary one except copy it

If your data is really precious, you might want to save it on another
disk, getting it off the bad disk with "dd".  You don't have to copy
the whole disk if you can guess where the slice with your data was
located. (Eg, "dd if=/dev/hd0 of=/somedir/bigfile skip=_somenum_ \
count=_someothernum_")  Again, it's not much good for anything but
copying back and trying again, but you might be able to find some
ASCII text of importance, if you're really desparate.

Started your tape drive (and tapes) fund yet?

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