>> rpc.lockd remains unreliable; avoid using it if practical.

statd and lockd have been problematic ever since Sun invented them
a couple of decades ago, at least partly because what they are
trying to do is fundamentally not computable.  (There is no way to
distinguish between the other side having crashed, and a temporary
network communication problem that has not yet been resolved but
will be eventually.  At best, you find out about the other side's
crash after it has rebooted, which could be hours or days later if
the crash was caused by a hardware failure.)

The best solution is to avoid locking files over NFS.  For example:

* As pointed out in Mark Crispin's article, use IMAP (or POP)
  instead of having the mailserver export the spool directory.

* ssh to the server to do things like adduser, rather than trying
  to run it on the client.

File locking works reasonably well within a single "system" (defined
as a combination of hardware and software that all crashes together
:)  I doubt anyone will ever get it to work all that well when the
locks must be shared across a larger entity.
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