I have been trying to install FreeBSD on a system which already has
Red Hat Linux installed with grub boot loader on a x86 hardware. I
managed to provide one of the partitions for FreeBSD and use the
option "A' (Auto Defaults) for creating the "/", "/var", '/usr" and
"/swap" configuration inside this parition. After selecting all the
required packages I get an error stating it is not able to find
necessary packages in the media and should it retry. This occurs for
every package.
I downloaded three *.iso images from the  www.freebsd.org website and
burnt in on 3 CDs and used the first CD which just contains the
"/boot" directory for starting the installation. My question is:
1) Why doesn't it ask me to load the next CD in to the CDRom Drive
during the installation, which I presume contains all the required
packages and binaries?
2) Will I be able to still boot Linux if I allow FreeBSD to overwrite
the MBR with its own boot loader, which it asks during installation?

Can somebody please help me with this issue?

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