On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 12:51 -0700, Chris wrote:
> Are there any official patches to support multiple IPs in jails or  
> would I be limited to taking a chance with the few 6.1 patch files  
> I've found on the net. I searched the UPDATING on HEAD and for  
> anything that might be related but found nothing. Everything I could  
> google on the subject led me to sources that didn't appear to be  
> related to the project. I'm suspicious of using patches being  
> developed outside of the freebsd community yet I'd really hoped to  
> move to a completely jailed OS for our servers. Is it just too soon  
> to be looking for this capability in a production capacity?

Just a quick addition.  I don't think you'd even need multiple divert
sockets unless you have multiple interfaces on the external and/or
internal sides.  Depends on what your setup looks like and what you're
trying to accomplish.

-Michael S. Eubanks

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