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> > Perhaps I'll try one of these third-party programs? Or 
> switch to ??? 
> > at the office for email?
> mutt.

(chuckle) That's what I use on the BSD box, I didn't think it was
available for MS?

> > I'm using TAR on the FreeBSD side, not the Microsoft side. 
> Don't have 
> > an archiver installed on the Windows box.
> I'm gradually getting confused.  What is the data doing on 
> the Microsoft box at all?

Sorry for the confusion (the way my mind works, confusing for me too!)
It was a temporary storage location. I was re-configuring the BSD box
and wanted to back-up the data elsewhere.

> > I don't have any Vinum volumes set up at the moment, no. But, I was 
> > thinking I could plug in the 'hot spare' drive and start 
> vinum and see 
> > what config it pulls from the drive; then alter the config so that 
> > there's only one subdisk (the hot spare) for the 'mirror' and mount 
> > that and move the data off? What do you think?
> If you haven't set up Vinum, it's a bit late now.  You have 
> to write the config, it doesn't do it automatically.

I understand. But the drive that I am speaking about _was_ a subdisk in
a vinum 'mirror' before I stopped using it; therefore I was thinking
that the data is still on it (I haven't touched it since.) My
understanding was that Vinum _reads_ its configuration from the drive on
startup? So, I was thinking that if I re-connected the drive and started
vinum, vinum would read its config from there? Am I way off base here?


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