I need to setup a high-availability setup for mail/web setup

I was thinking about the following setup:

4 servers total:

Data Servers:
1 Server holding all the websites data and mail messages. It would serve these files via nfs to the application servers.
        It would also run mysql

A second server Also sharing it's content via nfs, replicating it's data though rsync each ?? minutes. The mysql would run as a slave of the primary

Application Servers:
Both servers would be running apache, php, sendmail and posfix and would serve content from the share nfs drive.

1- Is this a viable solution, I mean by that, Is it Like this big ISP are set up ?

2- Is there a better way to replicate data than RSYNC (without going to san of expensive hardware) ? If not, is there a hotsync feature (I mean by that as soon as server A modify something, server B knows and replicate)?

I would appreciate if you could give me feedbacks, suggestions, or if you see any problem that might happen with this kind of setup.

Thanks a lot

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