I experiemented with the ACls under fbsd 5.3 and got some problems
with how freebsd calculates the permissions. I followed the
instructions on [0].

My aim is to install default ACLs, so a group of users
(with possible broken umask) can work together on git-repositories.

The idea is that the default ACL will provide ACL-based rwx access
for the group 'git' (minus real permissions / mask makes rw or rwx
for files, rwx for directories).

I've mostly problems with default ACLs and the new permissions.

I put two test-scripts to [1], plus their output (*.output) and
the questions I've to the results (*.question) on a website.

Any pointers on what I did wrong or in depth FreeBSD-ACL documentation
are appreciated.



[0]: http://ezine.daemonnews.org/200310/acl.html
[1]: http://home.schottelius.org/~nico/freebsd/acl/

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