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On Friday 24 November 2006 23:41, probsd org wrote:
I'm a long time proponent of FreeBSD as a server. For a long time I've
really wanted a FreeBSD system as a desktop. So, I decided to install the
FreeBSD 6.2 and compile xorg, gnome, mozilla, etc... to give it a whirl.

  For anyone reading this, who wants the same thing.

  DO NOT DO IT.  Nothing works. java is borked, mozilla and firefox are
borked, gnome is ify.... ugh.

  Just dont do it.  As a server, I highly recommend it... but it isn't
ready for the desktop.

It works for me. You must have screwed-up.

I have been using FreeBSD as a desktop since 3.5 or 4.0 (I forget). To any new users, it is well worth a try. When I was using circa 1995 hardware it was somewhat of a challange, but not any worse than DOS in the 80's or IBM in the 70's. First it is pretty easy to try and if you want a complete system you can check out http://www.desktopbsd.net. Until my current laptop I never had enough resources to make desktopbsd an option, even if it had existed.

If you are running a FreeBSD server or plan to, getting FreeBSD running as your
desktop will expand your knowledge of FreeBSD and Unix in general. For me (old mainframe guy) this was invaluable. Everything you learn on the Desktop side will make you a better sysadmin.

X is the great leveler. Unless you are an X windows developer, when it does not work its a PROBLEM. With new hardware it mostly seems to work. But Xorg/XFree86 is a constant. Running any BSD/Linux your problems will for the most part follow the hardware. Linux may have more/better(?) drivers but running Linux will not help you learn FreeBSD.

The other thing that may be problematic is, as the author of this thread indicates, java. However I happily run Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice all without installing java. I am sure it can be done, it is just not high on my list.

There is a lot of help to be had but you have to ask.
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