Hi Guys,

I'm looking for advice or suggestions on how to [re]design a small business 
network with FreeBSD.  I know that's a pretty broad topic -- I'm not looking 
for a simple answer, so much as reference materials.

Background:  for over 5 years we've had our business running with a few FreeBSD 
servers.  An external Internet connected box serves smtp, imap, http, ftp, dns 
(external and LAN internal) and http-proxy.  Another server (on LAN behind NAT 
router) has Samba file & print services, lpd and some other things.

I guess what I'm looking for is "best practice" suggestions for configuring all 
this optimally.  Problems we have currently include DNS -- if the Internet 
connection goes down, the server chokes, and we can't even get internal DNS.  
And security issues, eg:  should the email accounts reside on an 
Internet-exposed server?

O'Reilly sells "Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit" which sounds like some of 
what I'm looking for, except that it's for Linux -- but I've dabbled with that 
kludge enough to probably apply the concepts to FreeBSD  ;)  Any other 
suggestions on good books, web sites, etc?

  -Wayne B.

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