On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 02:51:16PM +0100, Arjan van Leeuwen wrote:
> Hi Henry, others,
> As of the latest weekly development release of Opera (see  
> http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/), it's now possible to use any Linux  
> plugin in the native Opera for FreeBSD version, including Flash and  
> Acrobat Reader. The feature will be included in the upcoming Opera 9.1.

Hi Arjan,

Followed your instructions, put my linux-flashplugin and acroread plugin
directories on Opera's plugin search path  and... wow! everything suddenly
started working.

I tried a bunch of Flash sites and widgets, all of which worked except for
the last.fm widget (the plugin seemed to start, but never displayed
anything).  Even audio worked, and it seemed fast too, probably better even
than, say, Linux Firefox on this machine.

Acrobat happily opened various PDFs I had lying around.  The only issue I
had there is when I tried to open a different PDF file in a tab that was
already displaying a PDF - that seemed to lock up the whole Acrobat
plugin.  I got messages like this on the console when this happened:

opera: Plug-in 2783 is not responding. It will be closed.
opera: Define environment variable OPERA_KEEP_BLOCKED_PLUGIN to keep blocked 

(I haven't tried defining the environment variable as it suggests yet)

If you're ever here in Cambridge let me know - you just made my week for
me, so I guess I owe you beverage of your choice if we ever meet :-)

So when is 9.10 going to be released?



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