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listvj wrote:
> Lane wrote:
>> I agree with your advice to build the new server with a clean install,
>> if only to prevent any sendmail issues.
>> But I'm not so sure I understand your assessment that 5.x is "worse
>> performing than both 4.x and 6.x."  While I agree that 6.x is a great
>> improvement in functionality over 5.x, I was not aware of the poor
>> performance record of 5.x. 
>> Do you know of any links to benchmark tests, or other data, which
>> would provide some more background on this?
>> That kind of data would greatly influence my opinion in this
>> discussion.  Without it I'd be pleased to recommend 5.X, regardless of
>> it's pending "drop dead" date, wrt support.  I certainly see no need
>> to chain myself to any software release cycle, nor, it seems, does the
>> original poster.  I'm in awe of his patience, and clearly he is
>> satisfied with the product if he remains on 4.11.
>> Thanks,
>> lane
>> ~Still running 5.x
> I'm on 4.11 because I'm lazy and chicken.  The server is co-located so
> it isn't real convenient to do major upgrades.  It might actually be
> easier and more cost effective (in terms of my time) to get a
> replacement box, set up 6.0 on it, and migrate.
> Btw, I'm sorry for posting this question twice.  I posted the first one
> with the wrong email address.  I was surprised (and disappointed) to see
> that the list accepted it as I did not subscribe to the list with that
> address. :(

        As I was told, the list was open so they don't restrict email
addresses. They just have a fabulous spam catching system which only
admits spam on rare occasions it seems {gotta get a hold of their
spamassassin file :D).
        Unfortunately, this is where having an uninstall and install
script would be more than handy on FreeBSD.. if someone could conjure up
a script like that, that would be safe to use-even remotely-then maybe
this wouldn't be so much of an issue.
- -Garrett
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