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I've just gotten some quotes on a few dell machines and I was wondering now
if freebsd 6.x is able to run on them properly. Perc/5i cards and 64-bit
Intel chips are my worries :)

Anyone have any experiences they'd like to share? Anyone successfully
running mysql on an IA64 architecture with Freebsd?

We're in the early stages of deployment with these.  None of them are
actually in production yet, but we're in the final stages of putting
them there.

6.1 doesn't work with the onboard NICS -- you have to get a 6.2-RC
or wait for 6.2.  Otherwise, everything 64-bit works as far as we
can tell.  We're a little grumpy that we don't have any way to
monitor the RAID (our Dell x850 systems use megarc to automatically
signal us if a drive fails)  We've also had occasional problems
with the reboot and shutdown commands not completing, but it's been
so intermittent that we can't seem to isolate the cause.  Symptom
is that it gets to the final stage of reboot/shutdown and then waits
indefinitely without issuing the final ACPI command.

Do some searches on my name and/or those topics on the stable@
list archives for more details.

Running the same 1950 platform here with the i386 base-- I've seen the
same problems you mention.  The onboard NIC worked intermittently, but
kept crashing, so was replaced with an Intel NIC.  I just placed an
order for 7 more, and made sure to get the Intel onboard NIC option.
Restarting is buggy as well, with the same symptoms.  My (inelegant)
solution is to install a pair of ethernet managed power strips, so I can
kill power remotely to bring it all the way down if need be.

What advantages/disadvantages do you see with running the 64 bit
architecture?  I must confess, it never occured to me to try that...
I'm running the Dual Core Xeon processors, if that helps anything.

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