On Wednesday 20 December 2006 02:23, Robin Becker wrote:
> I'm looking for some advice on using one of our existing freebsd 6.x
> servers as a mail server for a small number (<20) of users.
> Our existing provider gives us
> 1) pop3/IMAP for reading mail
> 2) SMTP for sending, but we need to read mail before using smtp; I guess
> this implies we don't need to authenticate directly.
> 3) web based interface for adding users and redirections etc etc
> 4) spam filtering (presumably based on their large user mail volume).
> 5) white/grey listing

I would suggest postfix, spamassassin/procmail set server wide and the 
pop/imap server of your choice. Both postfix and spamassassin have detailed 
how-to's on their sites. IMHO postfix is much easier to configure than 
sendmail, but  then I haven't used sendmail in years. Make sure you use the 
spamassassin binary (spamd) or it can get very slow. Spamassassin has 
whitelist/greylist, blacklist and RBH available.


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