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Just FYI, disabling eAccelerator hasn't rid me of this problem. I am using PHP as an Apache module.

I might look at using Fast CGI, or else simply ignore this problem. Is there a list somewhere of PHP apps that don't work with Fast CGI, or will I have to research this myself?

On Jan 20, 2007, at 6:04 AM, Ivan Voras wrote:

Joe Auty wrote:

I've also seen some info which suggests that this might be an Apache bug of some sort, but I've seen this in both Apache 1.3 and 2.0. Right now,
I'm running 2.0.59 with eAccelerator.

I guess the next step might be to try disabling eAccelerator... I'll let
you know if this helps. In the meantime, if you have any other
suggestions they would be welcome!

You're using PHP as an Apache module, right?
The closest thing I've come to is that there's a long-standing bug in
PHP or in its interaction with FreeBSD. Yes, disabling eAccelerator
might help, but what will probably help you most is to convert your
setup to fastcgi (with mod_fcgid) - beware that this might subtly break
some PHP applications (it's say about 5% of them rely on mod_php
features). Also, you might want to try changing the order in which PHP
extensions are loaded (google for many threads on this subject).

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