Recently, Doron Shmaryahu wrote:

> thanks for the advice - do you think I could just install the btx loader by
> itself ? Also why would top and ps not work ??

Personally I don't have top running in your situation (BTW, how
exactly does it fail for you?). As for ps... I guess things are a
bit different between 4.4 and 4.7. The absence of BTX is bad anyway...
The process of installing boot tools like BTX is in make world,
isn't it? It has been done for you, then.

Someone around here (possibly Jason Morgan) has some problems with
ps&top which he believes not to be update-related. Check his postings.

Still - could BTX not be in the 8G area? If it is outside, it would be
nontrivial to make it come back... and reinstalling BTX would not help
you either.

Hacking boot1 source to load the kernel instead of BTX directly and
making world could solve the `typing' problem, but not ps&top problem.
But running without BTX is not good (personally I don't care, though;).

Good luck,

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