On 2/7/07, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have a 6.2 box on which I intend to set up a web server (lighttpd) and
a file server (samba).  The kicker is that I will need to allow for
French characters (é, à, ç, etc).  I had such an issue before but only
managed to solve it at the X level (via xorg.conf).  Now I need to
solve it at the console level.

The Handbook has a lot of ideas but it seems focused on a per user basis
instead of on a system level basis.  Then again, maybe I just don't
understand what its trying to say.

I would also need to toggle back and forth between English and French.

Thanks in advance to any responders,

Are you sure about the console level? If you plan
to access the server via ssh, you only need to
set server-side locale right, the rest is handled
at the client side.
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