oops, did a reply instead of reply all, sorry.

My question was "what's the best way to test net connectivity in jail,
csup?", and i did try csup (using a copy of my standard ports
supfile), it failed:

%csup -g -L 2 /etc/supfile-ports
Parsing supfile "/etc/supfile-ports"
Connecting to cvsup12.FreeBSD.org
Name lookup failure for "cvsup12.FreeBSD.org": hostname nor servname
provided, or not known
Will retry at 20:52:12

I'm only using one jail (it'll run apache, mysql and possibly sftp)

-Jim Stapleton

On 2/23/07, Jonathan Chen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 01:22:53AM +0000, Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I'd like to get Apache running in jail, but I can't seem to get
> network working in jail.

> Anyway, when I go to jail, running csh (as root) in jail, I try/get:
>    %ping
>    ping: socket: Operation not permitted

This is normal. You can't ping out from a jail. If you're going to
manage several jails on a box, I would suggest you try the ezjail

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