I've read some pages about 'kern.maxusers', 'kern.maxdsize'.
I have questions:
After I reduce 'maxusers' to some reasonable amount for that computer (say 10),
and enlarge 'maxdsize', will a user process be able to allocate
arrays that are considerably bigger than the physical memory size ?
This is what I really need. I run processes in which it can come to
1.5x-2x ratio.

2) Following the
Should I put   maxdsize == phys mem size, or should I put it lower
(by how much) ?

3) On Intel pentium 4 machine with 2GB phys memory,
during installation where almost all options were taken as defaults,
should I worry that kernel is not configured to use PAE ?
Installation program by default allocated 4GB swap,
so totally it is 6GB. How do I check this ?


On 3/9/07, Derek Ragona  wrote:


 Not all the settings there are tuneable.  In 6.X the allowable memory is
somewhat automatic based on the max users.  Your kernel is set to 384.  You
can try changing that.

 You can also make some kernel settings in:

 You can see the possible variables to set in:

 I think the one variable you may want to change is:
 kern.maxdsiz="to your actual real memory size"
 Don't make this larger than the real memory, in my experience that will
cause the system to not boot properly into multi-user.


  On FreeBSD 6.2 i386 with 2GB of physical memory I can't allocate
  more than 500Mb for my program.
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