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> Sorry for this slightly off-topic post...  Is there a comprehensive list
> of IM servers (names, IPs) available?  I'd like to block IM servers from
> certain users on my network.

No, nor will there be one.  Anyone with a server can set up Jabber on any
port they want.

> From what I've gathered on google, the only effective stragegy is to use
> firewall (in my case, IPFW) rules to block IP's, names.

OK, first, this is really more of an administrative issue than a technical
one.  Tell your employees that if they IM for non-work issues (and that IM
is logged, whether it is or not), then they are fired.  Get your boss to
back you.  Then, it's not *your* problem if people are wasting their time at

Second, the only reasonable way to do this is to block *everything* except
traffic you want to allow.  No client machine needs direct Internet access
to send email - make them use a smarthost.  Force all machines to surf the
web via a Squid proxy, and only let that machine connect out on port 80.

Either way is going to piss off a lot of people, so decide in advance which
one you can live with.  :)
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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