On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 06:20:09PM -0600, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> At 2003-01-21T23:03:09Z, Doug Poland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I'm concerned about the big 3, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.  They must
> > have a limited IP range they use.
> From GAIM's account editor:
>     AOL  : login.oscar.aol.com:5190
>     Yahoo: scs.yahoo.com:5050
>     MSN  : messenger.hotmail.com:1863

> > This is my boss's idea!  Also there are also a number of
> > volunteers who cannot be fired.
> Ahh, then, that makes a difference.  I'd still advertise an explicit
> "no IM!" policy.
It's in the acceptable use policy :)

> > I'm doing that now, however, I know the Yahoo client will use any
> > open port it can find and tunnel through that.
> I hadn't been aware of that.  Seems like rather un-neighborly
> behaviour.
It's quite insidious, MSN and AOL maybe guilty too

> > Actually, this is to head of the problem before it starts.  Thanks
> > for you input and point of view Kirk.
> Gotcha.  Or, do what a friend of mine does (but denies): commandeer
> your own local server, and use it to insert enough bogus messages
> into the local network to make IM clients unusable.  :)
I've seen references to things like that but didn't fully understand
what they were doing.  I don't (yet) have any determined users
hell-bent on subverting network policies.  This is largely to keep the
honest honest and the paid staff working, not chatting.

Thanks again for your insight.


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