> I have a text file on the Squid proxy which contains a list of blocked
> sites, which I include below.  Only a technically astute user would be
> able to bypass this setup. S1ince this would require very deliberate and
> complicated steps, such as setting up a VPN tunnel through SSL, this would
> be clear grounds for termination.

I wouldn't fire an employee for doing that, I'd move them to the IT security 

The problem with blocking them is that more will always pop up, and more ways 
to get around controles will too. Unless you have a situation where you 
absolutely have to block, ie, you have users that won't listen to a kind 
request, ie, school kids, your kids, management, I would not pick blocking as 
a strategy, instead, tell them that the use of IM services is not allowed on 
the network, and that infringement will be considered time not spent on 
business activities, take it off their salaries, they'll stop trying right 

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