* Karl M. Joch [01/22/2003 08:29]:
> thats for sure one way, but deleting by date could maybe let some
> stuff back. a touch on any file egardless the reason of it would cause
> the date to change too. so a list of files which are to remove would
> be fine. then there would be the possibility of making a script which
> deletes the files and the updated system would be clean. i think i
> will make a diff of the trees 4.7 and 5.0  and then a script of it.
> but as more people upgrade the question will come up very often i
> think or it will cause lot of troubles with perl when letting the 4.x
> stuff on the box.

There was actually a bunch of stuff left from 4.7... other than uucp and
perl. Looking through it, one could tell that some things were just
renamed on the new release. It sure would be nice if an installworld
would clean that stuff up.

In addition, there were man pages and docs for the old perl located
outside the /bin /sbin /usr/bin /user/sbin directories that needed
cleaning up... as well as some uucp stuff in /var/spool. Also a couple
of periodic jobs relating to uucp.

> i havnt tried till now. have you included the COMPAT 4 option in the
> kernel to still be able to run the 4.x binaries? i succussfull build
> 5.0 on a box running 4.7. till now (except the a.ot -> elf update) it
> always worked in multiuser mode too. sometimes after the first rebbot
> a second installworld was neccecary but it worked. but i will try
> today if installword lets me do it and then post the result. i only
> dont want to travel thousends of km to boxes to do a installworld.

Yes, the COMPAT_FREEBSD4 was compiled into my kernel by default. The
thing is, the installworld does a kernel test to determine if the
running kernel is recent enough. So I don't know how you'd installworld
while on the old 4.7 kernel. In my case, the test failure was indicated
by a segfault. (not the nicest way, but it certainly got it's point



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