I'd like to install a system lacking some of the binaries you can specify as
make.conf knobs, such as

NO_I4B= true
NOUUCP= true

Even when I install a minimal system from an install CD (just bin), and then
cvsup and make world with the above in /etc/make.conf , the original binary
files are still around. I can remove them manually by going into the various
directories (/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/libexec) and removing
any files older than my installworld date, but that still leaves crud in
/usr/share, etc. 

Is there a better way to either do a stripped install, or to remove the
files programmatically? Using a simple command like "find / \! -mtime 1
-print" also finds files in /usr/include, /usr/share/man, etc. that I don't
want to remove.

Jens Haeusser
Network Manager
Zoology, UBC

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