I'm about to launch this computer through the roof!  This tcpdump is
more finicky than feline when it comes to eating.  What really bugs me
is that just a couple of days ago I was doing this very same thing
with no problems.  For some reason, however, I just can't resurrect
the memory of how the syntax goes.

I want to capture only the IPv6 UDP traffic from my FreeBSD box to a
host I'm trying to mount through NFS.  A couple of days ago, I got it,
but I had to kill that terminal session abnormally and the commands
aren't in my history.  So, I have something like this,

tcpdump -v -s 192 -i fxp0 ip6 host remote

The above works.  However, when I try to modify the command to filter
out only the UDP traffic, I've tried something like this:

tcpdump -v -s 192 -i fxp0 ip6 udp host remote

To which tcpdump complains of syntax errors.  Variations I've tried are:

tcpdump -v -s 192 -i fxp0 ip6 proto udp host remote

tcpdump -v -s 192 -i fxp0 udp ip6 host remote

All to no avail.  As I said, I'm rather steamed that just two days ago
I was getting what I want and today my memory won't cooperate with me.
Please help!

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