On May 28, 2007, at 9:53 AM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 10:34:52PM -0500, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

Is there some
command I can use to remind me of how I sliced that partition?

I am guessing that you have your terminology scrambled,

You guessed correctly. I should have asked to see how I "partitioned that slice" instead of "sliced that partition". Once I realized my error, it became clear that I needed to ask bsdlabel about a slice and so

  bsdlabel /dev/ad0s1

would have been the correct command (while I had incorrectly been trying it on /dev/ad0)

so lets straighten that first [...]

Thanks for that.

Note you do not back up the swap partition which is normally 'b'
and don't do anything to the 'c' partition which is there only to
describe the slice to the system and is not a true partition.
You can probably skip backing up your /tmp also.

What about /dev and /var?

I'm willing to lose the log files in /var/log if it comes to it, and I don't have local mail delivery or much important that would be in out-going mail queues.

I also feel that I should have put /usr/ports/distfiles on another file system, since I don't particularly care to back up those either. I guess I could just put in a symbolic link to something on / var

Again, thank you.


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