Hi all

I was trying to connect to my FreeBSD 6.2 box with SSH with PUTTY by
several days with the user "root" and nothing happens, only a denied
password from FBSD, and a timeout close connection.

But, a flash came to my mind ;D and then I tried to connect by a different
user and... "voila", ssh connections came alive !!..

My question is: if root user is locked to connect by ssh (I think it maybe
logic, but..)

If it is so, how can I make an user that has same priviliges as root (I
beg your pardon for this newbie question...) I think that wheel group is
ok but what more?..

The think is that I need to connect to my FBSD box from outside the office
in a secure manner and control it,... well, surely you know this ;D

Thanks in advance

"The more I learn FreeBSD, the more I love it"

Juan Coruña
Desarrollo de Software Atlantico

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