At 07:45 PM 6/6/2007, Sean Murphy wrote:
Is anyone running virtualization of FreeBSD servers on VMware or other virtualization software? What experiences have you had, good or bad?

Been wanting to ask the same... I've heard of virt' software for some time but didn't realize what it could really do. Then on a tip, I started playing with micros$$ts Virtual PC a couple weeks ago. Wow! It runs windoze 2000 and FreeBSD apparently fine on a windoze 2000 host. In the last couple weeks I've been doing a lot of experimentation with FreeBSD and Samba and windoze that I've been procrastinating about for lack of a spare box to run things on. Very impressive for free stuff from the evil empire :)

But from what I've heard, VMware has better performance. And there are some things in ports (qemu?) also. For my purposes Billy's product is working well, but I'd like to hear of better things, esp those that run on windoze, which I'm stuck with for my desktop boxen.


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