Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
Thomas Sparrevohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I found that the "vesa" driver works ok with a GTX 8800 - not fast -
but works

People don't have a GTX8800 to have it just 'work'
It needs to work fast!
Personally I think it's very bad FreeBSD is not supported by nVidia,
like f.i. solaris is.
I don't want to write in favor of solaris, mind you, but it _is_ very
nice to have Xorg-7.2 installed (both 32 and 64 bits) and a working 32
_and_ 64 bits native nVidia driver with it.

I have used FreeBSD for years and still hate to see this lack of
support by others :-(

Again, read my response and do some research before you blame nVidia.

The nv driver works better than the vesa driver IMO -- it provides much better 2D support than the vesa driver.

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