On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 05:51:44PM +0100, Graham Bentley wrote:
> So, if I where to start again, I would ;
> 1) Install 'minimal' distrib from 6.2 rel CD1
> 2) portsnap fetch extract
> 3) make install my system

The base system and ports are separate. The base system is built from
/usr/src, while ports are built under /usr/ports.

Concerning ports, I would install them from an _updated_ ports tree if
your system isn't too slow. Start with what you really need, and add
things if you miss them. If you build a high-level port like
e.g. firefox, it will built the stuff it requires automatically. But I
would start with building the xorg meta-port, to get X sorted first.

Currently I have 427 ports installed om my desktop system, ≌ 100 of
which are part of the new modular xorg.

> Then in future use portmaster as you say ? 

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