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Over the past few weeks, a group of have been plugging away in relative 
obscurity to fix the world .. or, at least, the world as revolves around WINE. 
We have a few kernel hackers involved, some members of the wine group, some 
members of PC-BSD, and at least one DragonflyBSD developer ... a truly rounded 

In order to avoid having this all mixed in, and lost, with other software 
discussions, the work is happening on a private list, but if anyone feels that 
they can contribute *programming knowledge* to the effort, email me and I'll 
add you to the list ... we aren't looking for testers on this list, see below 
about that ...

To the real reason for this post, we have been slowly making headway ...

If you go to:


You will find several patches, both against FreeBSD and wine, that get the 
latest wine working under both 7.x and 6.x ... under 6.x, the only 'gotcha' is 
don't apply the signal patch yet, as it does break things ...

For testing, Tijl is running 7.x and I am running 6.x ... in my case, with all 
patches applied, except the signal patch, I can get Freecell running ... in his 
case, with all patches applied, he can get MT4 running (MT4 is an online 
financial trading piece of software) ...

For those that are interested in Wine, and are going to test the above patches, 
please subscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] by sending a message to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ... it will also let us gauge how 
big/small the 'wine users'  population happens to be ...

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