It depends on what you really want. If you don't want 64-bit version OS, I
don't think you'll have problems at all. Recently, my PC got fucked up, I've
changed the mother board, switched from 32 bit AMD Athlon to a 64 bit AMD
Turion, and successfully booted from the previously installed FreeBSD
4.9Release on the hard drive.
If you want the 64 bit version of the OS, further investigation from you are
Check this out:

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On 04/07/07, Yordan Yordanov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I want to install the last stable release of FreeBSD Unix on my desktop
machine with AMD64 processor. Are there any differences in the FreeBSD ports
for these two platform: FreeBSD/i386 and amd64? In the FreeBSD handbook I
saw a workaround which should be applied to set up FreeBSD for  some
chipsets. If I have such a problem can I try to install i386 version
on my machine. There is no reason not to work, but I want to be sure that
this is possible.

Greetings from Bulgaria


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