On 7/5/07, Andrew Gould <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I received permission to install a *nix at work.  I installed FreeBSD 6.2;
but I am unable to cvsup successfully.  I've tried the various modes.  I've
even tried nesting it in a Python script that tries to get authorization
through a proxy -- it didn't help, but was worth a try.
Have you tried portsnap? Since it runs over normal http you should have no
issues. As for the source tree...

I really, really, really want to get past the xorg 7* issue before I have a
lot of applications installed.

If a computer at home is up-to-date, can I:

1.  Delete /usr/src/*,  /usr/ports/* and /usr/doc/* from the work computer;
Shouldn't really be nessacery, but why not.

2.  copy the /usr/src/*,  /usr/ports/* and /usr/doc/* from the home
Yep, just cvsup, and then tar them up, and copy over.

Is it as simple as that?
It should be! Remember, try portsnap for the ports, it should work just fine.

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