>> It seems like my IMAPd is loaded, but not correctly.
>> How can I tell IMAPd to use my authentication information?
>> And how should I configure IMAPd?
>> My problem is that when I try to log in to my accounts from
>> squirrelmail it says their are not availible. Althought I
>> used the right password and username.
> My guess is either your inetd.conf file or your Squirrel Mail
> configuration are broken.  Here are both for UW Imap.

It might be a long shot, but after upgrading to latest version of UW Imap I
couldn't get it working either. Turned out to be a feature with the latest
version that defaults to only offering secure connections. So no port
143... I tried for a long time to pass the correct variable when building
to make it offer both non secure and secure connections, but i appear to be
a moron so I ended up reverting to my previous version and voila, it works
Can't remember the version numbers right now, but the latest port build is
the "secure-only as default" version.

If anyone can tell me how to pass the correct variable when building (ie.
not only the variable, but how to pass it along to make) I'd be very

- Aslak

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