On Wednesday 29 August 2007 19:19:58 Peter Pluta wrote:
> How does one pick a domain?
> Just any old domain? 

thats often how it goes!  mine was originally "dfwlanparty"... but dfwlp just 
became the shortend version of what the community referred to it as.  i 
bought the domain just out of convenience many moons ago :)

> I keep visualizing a domain as in 3-4 servers each of 
> which has a hostname mail, web, etc..

fairly close, some times you will actually find servers that actually are 
named "web" "mail", or have names after services.  myself, i have names that 
ive chosen, and then use DNS to "link" the common services to them.  example, 
if you do a:

host castor.dfwlp.com

youll find that castor is my server that handles www.dfwlp.com.  so, if you 
have a specific name in mind, dont be afraid to use it!  you can always go 
back later and use DNS to give your box as many "jobs" as you need (ie, you 
can DNS both www and mail to the same server, if you need to).

Jonathan Horne
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