Mel wrote:
On Friday 31 August 2007 19:50:19 Howard Goldstein wrote:
Kris Kennaway wrote:
Manolis Kiagias wrote:
Howard Goldstein wrote:
As the subject says, is there a straightforward way to retrieve a
directory tree from  Clicking individual files in
the web interface is really tedious.
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It seems the required software for accessing perforce repositories is
available in ports:


I haven't tried it myself though. I don't even know if allows anonymous access.  You can however read some
details on it here:

If you do try, it please send a follow up post with results.

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No, it doesn't allow anonymous access (this isn't feasible due to the
way perforce works, i.e. maintaining all client state on the server).
I dont know of a way to extract a general perforce tree, although a
few of them (like trustedbsd) are exported via cvsup on I think
cvsup9.  I think you will have to ask whoever's branch you are looking
at for a copy of it.
Dang. Like an idiot savant, perforce appears to be (channeling Yoda I
am?)  Time for a script to workaround perforce's needlessly overcomplex
stupidity.  Thanks for letting me know I'm beating my head against the
wall with the out-of-box tools...binary only at that.

I assume that since sources in perforce is work-in-progress that may or not become official work-in-progress (-current), download complexity is a plus.

perforce just isn't intended for this purpose, it's meant for internal use within a (closed) organisation. As great as it is for development with large numbers of branches, this is one of the important technical reasons why it's not suitable for primary FreeBSD distribution.

In principle the web front end could offer this kind of aggregation of files from a branch, maybe you should raise it as a feature request with

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