I have a 6.2R system (amd64) with the latest patch level.

The motherboard is a Tyan S5197 i3110 based board with a Core 2 Quad 2.4 ghz processor. There is 4GB of memory and an Areca ARC-1231ML raid card.

The problem is that I have to boot without ACPI or the system will randomly reboot itself when doing something. It will sit idle for ages but if I do a system build (make buildworld for example), it usually will not make it through without rebooting. If I boot without ACPI support (#2 in the boot loader), then the system is fine, I can do a billion builds without incident, except that I only get 1 CPU. (Yes, the kernel has SMP option built in).

I would really like to run with all 4 cores but cannot run with ACPI at the moment due to instability.

Any suggestions? Any way to get "old-style" SMP detection working (ie, without ACPI)?


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