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> > Hey, all...
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> > Because I've put so much time into getting this FreeBSD install
> > where it is
> > now (and because I favor the BSDs), I'm still a bit hesitant...
> > Has anyone
> > here had much experience with ubunu as a desktop?  Negatives/positives?
> Different strokes for different folks.  There's nothing to be
> ashamed of for choosing a different OS because it fits your needs
> better than FreeBSD.  However there is a lot to be ashamed of if
> your announcing this to the FreeBSD mailing list as a veiled
> attempt to "spur" the FreeBSD developers to make FreeBSD more
> ubuntu-like, or to trigger a flame war between ubuntu and FreeBSD
> supporters.
> Your post to me kind of seems rather passive-agressive, your
> praising and condemming FreeBSD at the same time, in the same
> sentences.  I can't figure out if your trying to flame-bait or
> not, so I'll assume the best, that your not.
> Basically, dude, what you need to do is shit and get off the pot.
> Every OS under the sun including Winblows is going to suck up
> tinker-time.  If you want a computer (or a happy wife I guess)
> then you need to accept that and quit whining that you don't have
> enough time.  Here's a thought - unplug your TV set for a month
> and I'll bet you get a lot more tinker time.
> Anyway, you need to load ubuntu and load windows and load debian,
> and load red hat and so on and so on and make your own decision
> as to which meets your needs.  None of us here can read minds
> and you haven't stated what your needs are - other than you want
> more time, which as I explained is a mirage - there isn't going to
> be more time freed up by replacing FreeBSD with something else, your
> just going to spend the same time with a different set of problems -
> so if you honest-to-god need more time, then give up something
> in your life that is consuming time that you gain less from
> than your computer.  It could be anything from TV to your daily
> commute, to smoking, to drinking beer, you name it, whatever.
> Ted

Flamer-bait, no.
Lazy tv addict, no.
Go back to windows, hell no.
Have time, no.
Trying to be negative about any BSD, absolutely not.  

I asked out of respect for this board, not out of frustration for FreeBSD or 
OpenBSD.  The FreeBSD and OpenBSD will probably always be my favorites.

Now...  As to why I asked this board....  Who better to ask than folks that 
have some of the preferences?

I needed something that I could take on the road without having to spend a lot 
of time upgrading/tweaking.  Ubuntu is turning out to be fine for that.

Giving something up...  I did (for the time being), and I'll miss it.

My overall response for all that bullshit you just wrote...  Go find someone 
else to jerk off.

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