Good Day,

I am currently seeking advice in regard to allowing an XP Home Edition
machine to have access to a FreeBSD mount.  I've looked over Samba, and not
only have I seen references to XP's inability to join a 'domain
based-network', but also don't really like the idea of installing Samba as
it's a rather large package (relatively speaking) for what it simply does.

My only other alternative, if I am correct, is trying to obtain an NFS
client for the XP machine and simply serve NFS mounts on the FBSD host.  The
downside to this is the cost of the NFS clients for the XP machine. :)

Are there any other alternatives available here?  If not, which of the above
two 'solutions' would be best?  I only have one BSD machine and one XP
machine, and I'd like to allow read/write access to a FBSD mount from the XP

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

- John

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