On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Jason Hunt wrote:

> OT, but my understanding is that Windows XP Home Edition will not log
> in to NT4-based (SMB-only) networks, but only Windows 2000 (Active
> Directory) networks.  However, Windows XP Professional will log in to
> both.

In my experience, XP Home is completely useless.  One of the tricks it
does is randomly drop any static IP addresses it has been set and grant
itself new ones from ranges that are already assigned.  Also, sometimes
when there is nothing wrong network-wise other than an unplugged cable,
it will lead the clueless user through a whole rigmarole where they are
encouraged to "Set up home networking" or some such, which rips through
every network setting on the box and they end up trying to do some
non-IP nonsense called "Bridged connection" or whatever (nothing to do
with Ethernet bridging I'm sure), and then the user wonders why they
can't "get on the net" anymore - "Nothing works, I've followed all the
instructions, I think your firewall thing is broken".  XP pro doesn't
seem to do anything like that, presumably because its designed to be
actually used on a corporate network where they might be people around
who'll see through it.

W. Palfreman.

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