On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:08:44 -0500, John Wilson wrote:

>I am currently seeking advice in regard to allowing an XP Home Edition
>machine to have access to a FreeBSD mount.  I've looked over Samba, and not
>only have I seen references to XP's inability to join a 'domain
>based-network', but also don't really like the idea of installing Samba as
>it's a rather large package (relatively speaking) for what it simply does.
>My only other alternative, if I am correct, is trying to obtain an NFS
>client for the XP machine and simply serve NFS mounts on the FBSD host.  The
>downside to this is the cost of the NFS clients for the XP machine. :)
>Are there any other alternatives available here?  If not, which of the above
>two 'solutions' would be best?  I only have one BSD machine and one XP
>machine, and I'd like to allow read/write access to a FBSD mount from the XP

I have SAMBA 2.2.6 and Windows XP working great.  I have Samba setup as
a PDC.  the worst you have to do is run the SignOrSeal.reg fix from
microsoft to login.  you have to do that with NT 5.0 as well.

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