> >         drive 2:
> >                 /       2GB
> A bit big, but fine

I though so, but with drives this big & cheap ... :-)

> >                 /boot   2GB
> Nope, FreeBSD doesn't need / want a /boot

I didn't realize :-/

Just to be sure, you DO mean it doesn't want a separate
slice/partition, right?  Because, I'm looking at a "/boot" directory

> >                 /tmp    2GB
> Fine


> >                 /swap   16GB    Machine has 8GB RAM, so swap = 2X RAM
> A bit of overkill, but what the hell, you have the space

I've had 2X RAM drummed into me for ages. Not the way of things in FreeBSD?

> >                 /usr    50GB
> What exactly do you plan on running on the host?

Normally, not a whole lot.  I'll have a full Development environment
there, of course. cron, sshd, snmpd (haven't figured out yet if I need
that in EACH jail yet), etc -- "small stuff" mainly.  Eventually some
VPN service via an an encryption card, but that's later.

If I'm forced to do so, maybe KDE4 for rare/occassional use.  Prefer not to ...

> >                 /jails  178GB
> Fine...
> >         drive 2:
> >                 /var    100GB
> Huh? Refer to /usr above.

My guess @ /var sizing came as a result of,


"To keep both jailed and non-jailed systems from trying to put any
port-building working-directories or downloaded distribution files in
/usr/ports, the /etc/make.conf files (both the "real" one and the ones
inside jails) should contain something like:

    WRKDIRPREFIX=           /var/ports
    DISTDIR=                /var/ports/distfiles
    PACKAGES=               /var/ports/packages"

And having multiple ports copies ... But, now, as I'm re-reading that,
I think I got it backwards.  This'll PREVENT having multiple, wasteful

I think.

> >                 /data   100GB   MailStore, DBs, www source files, etc.
> Fine again...
> >                 /home   20GB
> Fine again..
> >
> > I'll betcha some of that's silly or wasteful.
> You'd be correct there :)

Give a girl a break! I must've missed the really-easy-and-clear
documentation on the whole thing!

At least I asked first ;-p

> I'm sure you could fit everything on one disk... Jails are really small, it's
> just your data that takes up space. If you could get everything in 250GB
> (which i think you could easily) RAID 1 might be a nice thing to have

Now that's an interesting thought.  My Mobo has 1 SATA-2 port (3
devices), and 2 SATA-1 ports (1 device each).  And it does support

I'm NOT AT ALL sure what running RAID on 2 drives on a single SATA-2
port does for performance, but it IS an interesting option. Tanks!


It does :-)

Thanks a lot!

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