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Would the following procedure work to do an inplace upgrade:

1. Download the amd64 iso
2. Install it on a spare disk/partition
3. Do a cvsup on it's /usr/src
4. Make buildworld/buildkernel
5. Mount the x86 disk/partition
6. Copy /usr/obj (and /usr/src for good measure) from the amd
partition to the x48
7. Reboot with x86 partition
8. Make installkernel/installworld mergemaster on x86 partition
9. Now the non-ports section OS is amd64
10. pkg_del /var/db/pkg/*; rm -rf /usr/ports/ /usr/local
11. Reftp ports.tar.gz and rebuild all the ports (I have about 10 top
level ports installed the rest are dependicies so this straight

So does it work?

Keep in mind, in your step 10, the OP will be removing more than just stuff from installed packages/ports if you 'rm -rf /usr/local'. If anything was built/installed manually from a source archive, for instance.

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