On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Rich Fox wrote:
> I use a MacOS X workstation to connect to my FreeBSD box where I use Pine
> to compose these emails.
> Apparently the Terminal program in MacOS X intercepts ctrl+o combinations
> which are used to postpone messages in Pine. Thus, when I use the key
> combination ctrl+o it never reaches the remote machine (or at least it
> doesn't appear to, but it doesn't appear to do anything at all on either
> machine.)

Works fine here.  I just postponed this reply in mid-sentence.  FreeBSD
4.7, standard pine 4.53 from ports.  I've been doing this since OS X
10.0.1 (currently 10.2.3) with the various pine builds in use since then.
You have some other problem.


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